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loop cobra ultrastatic L (1,6 m)

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Technical specifications:
Material (core): Dyneema
Material (sheath): textile polypropylene (PP) braided hose
Dimensions: Length: 1600, width: 80 mm
Tensile strength:
single: 4,500 daN
double (wound around the anchorage point): 9,125 daN


Due to the extremely stable Dyneema filaments used, the cobra ultrastatic hollow rope has a very low ultimate ductile yield (2 %) and a very high tensile strength, but at the same time a very small diameter of only 10 mm. Therefore it is not possible to insert a sufficiently broad expanding insert into the cobra ultrastatic cable for appropriately distributing loads. That is why we have deviated from the one-component system principle and have developed a loop for cobra ultrastatic that meets the requirements of the system.

The cobra ultrastatic loop has a high-strength core of fanned-out Dyneema filaments and a single tensile strength of 4.5 t (4,500 daN). When installed, the loop is slung around a stem so that the acting load is distributed among two legs - the tensile strength then is 9 t (9,000 daN).

The cobra ultrastatic loop is available in different lengths, choose the fitting one.