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shock-absorber mini cobra

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Technical specifications:
Material: EPDM
Hardness: 60° shore
Dimensions: d = 14 mm, l = 200 mm
Low-load oscillation width: ca. 100 mm
Range of action: as from a load of 10 daN


The mini cobra shock absorber improves the dynamic properties of cobra cable. With its help, branches swinging in opposite directions in the wind are softly slowed down and the catching shock at the end of the cushioning process is reduced by 20 % - the so called "karate effect" does not occur anymore. That way, the cobra standard shock absorber provides effective protection from branch breakage.

Beyond this, it allows the cobra-cabled tree to oscillate in gentle summer breezes, which supports the diameter growth and thus the future resistance to breakage of the tree. That low-load oscillation width is about 10 cm and is provided irrespective of the bracing length - a clear advantage over dynamic systems that work with rope expansion only. The length release of the shock absorber begins under a load of 10 daN - 10 kg already.

This makes a cobra cabling a hardly perceptible but highly effective breaking protection for the tree.