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endcap cobra 4t

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Technical specifications:
Material: Polyolefin basis
Dimensions: 24 x 50 mm (not shrunk)
Temperature range: -55°C to 135°C
Shrinking rate: 1 : 3
Minimum shrinking temperature: +80°C


The cobra 4t endcap is a shrink-on sleeve that shrinks under the influence of heat. In cobra systems, it is pulled over the end of the cable and shrunk-on with the help of the cobra blow torch - that gives you a clean end of the cable and a fine point for making the quick splice.

Colour: Every year comes with a different colour and an imprint of the installation year and the type of the cobra tree cabling. That way the endcap serves to easily determine the age and type of installation during a tree inspection.

Notice: If you prefer to use tape instead of a endcap to fix the end of the cable you may pull the endcap over the cable as a signal sheet.


cobra blow torch

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Add to Cart Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 62 x 77.5 x 148.5 mm
Weight: 165 gCapacity: 10 g (Butane Gas)
Continuous duty: approx. 30 minutes
Flame temperature: up to 1,300° C (blue flame)
Flame adjustment: 35 – 10 mm length (automatic cutoff at > 10 mm)
cobra mini blow torch (Turboflame®)

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Add to Cart Technical specifications:
Double, wind resistant turboflame
Electronic piezo igniter
Works up to 3000 m altitude
Dimensions: 76 x 30 mm
Weight: 80 g
Colour: black