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5 system-package LeanKit cobra 4t

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5 static connections, according to 'ZTV Baumpflege'* - 12 years of service life

1 pc cable cobra 4t (50 m)
12 pcs endcap cobra 4t
10 pcs expanding insert cobra 2t/4t L (100 cm)
1 pc anti-abrasion hose cobra 2t/4t (12 m)
1 pc mini blow torch (Turboflame®)
1 pc manual

The 5 system-package LeanKit cobra 4t contains sufficient material for 5 static tree cabling or 5 load/support cabling. For the installation, only scissors are required (separately available). According to 'ZTV Baumpflege'*, cobra 4t is suitable as static tree cabling for branches/stems having a diameter of up to 40 cm. The required minimum system tensile strength of 4 t is guaranteed for a full period of 12 years.

For a static cabling, NO SHOCK ABSORBER is required, therefore it is not part of the LeanKit.

* German treecare standard


cobra blow torch

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cobra scissors

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High-quality product from Japan
Blades: 3 mm thick 2-in-1 stainless steel blades
Handle: gummed and comfortable
Length 20 cm, stainless steel