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10 system-package mini cobra

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10 dynamic or static connections, 12 years of service life

1 pc cable cobra mini (100 m)
40 pcs endcap cobra mini
20 pcs expanding insert cobra mini (30 cm)
1 pc anti-abrasion hose cobra mini (10 m)
10 pcs shock absorber cobra mini
1 pc mini blow torch (Turboflame®)
1 pc manual


The 10 system-package mini cobra contains sufficient material for 10 dynamic tree cabling. For the installation, only scissors are required (separately available). Cobra mini can be used as dynamic or static tree cabling for very small trees and old fruit trees as well as guying for planted trees. The system tensile strength is 0.5 t and is guaranteed for a full period of 12 years.

Without shock absorber mini cobra can be used as static tree cabling or load/support cabling.

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cobra blow torch

69.00 € 69.00 € EUR

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Add to Cart Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 62 x 77.5 x 148.5 mm
Weight: 165 gCapacity: 10 g (Butane Gas)
Continuous duty: approx. 30 minutes
Flame temperature: up to 1,300° C (blue flame)
Flame adjustment: 35 – 10 mm length (automatic cutoff at > 10 mm)
cobra scissors

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High-quality product from Japan
Blades: 3 mm thick 2-in-1 stainless steel blades
Handle: gummed and comfortable
Length 20 cm, stainless steel